Music for Driving

Available November 1st


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JB's Downtown Joplin

Joplin, MO
$10 w/ CD Entry
08:00:00 PM
01 Nov Sunday

Davey's Uptown Ramblers Club

Kansas City, MO
$8 Entry
08:00:00 PM
07 Nov Sunday

Webby D's

Fort Smith, AR
$20 Entry
07:00:00 PM
14 Nov Sunday

JB's Downtown Joplin

Joplin, MO
$5.00 Entry
09:00:00 PM
16 Nov Sunday

Rock 3405

Joplin, MO
$20 Entry
07:00:00 PM
20 Dec Sunday


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The Band

A group of friends that like to get together and play music.

Third Party is a musical group based out of Joplin, MO. Originally formed by percussionist/MC Mike Sullivan, singer/guitarist Patrick Beckett, and pianist/guitarist Jason Beckett in 2010, Third Party came to include Greg Walker on drums months later, and most recently Kelly Maddy on bass in the winter of 2011. In January 2012, they released the self-recorded Earworm EP followed by the first studio effort, Inertia EP in January 2013

In the Spring of 2014 Third Party began working on their first full length album. Due for release on November 1st, 2014, 'Music for Driving' is a dynamic soundscape that was shaped and captured at Bell Labs Recording in Norman, OK by producer and engineer, Trent Bell and mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios. Blending sounds from their prior efforts, plus new funky-fried-psychadelic-mmm-mmm-so-good-mystery sauce /embodied in the art of local artist Justin Kiddston/ Music for Driving is more intricate and coherent as an album than previous efforts.  With the new album came a new opportunity for Third Party to reinvent their live performances by adding new visual elements designed and constructed with local artists and hackers.  Third Party is currently playing shows throughout the Midwest  and planning a broader winter tour in support of Music for Driving.

Third Party is influenced by/sounds like: Radiohead, Incubus, The Mars Volta, The Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, The Flaming Lips, The Police, and many others...

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